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Billy on the Box: Haye takes on Holmes in heavyweight encounter

It's not often that This Morning features on this page or indeed in my life in general but with Olly Murs and Katherine Jenkins both featuring last week, I just had to tune in.

Being nearly holiday time it meant that the proper presenters were off buying jumpers for taking a hamper around to Fred and his weather map, so Eamonn Holmes and his missus, Bonnie Langford, were deputising for Philip and Holly.

More surprising was the appearance of David Haye, one-time boxer and jungle enthusiast, and now flogging a fitness DvD — but the first punch to the ribs was delivered by dangerously close to being hit man Holmes.

“It was a bit of a risk for you as you came out of the ring recently battered and bruised and maybe the ego a bit dented and reputation?,” he said, bringing about a look that Haye last used when faced with a something unpleasant on the end of his didgeridoo down under.

He was saved though by his other half having a wee hot flush and swooning over the Hayemaker’s torso with Eamonn commenting that ‘you think you can give everybody else a six-pack.’ He already has one, thanks to Tayto.

But just as Ali is remembered for his biting one-liners, Haye will go down in the heavyweight annals with his confident boast that he’ll fight and beat both the Klitschko boys but ‘in the meantime I want to get the country fit with my box and tone DVD.’

Eamonn said he was ‘panting just thinking about the whole thing,’ although it turned out that was because his bag of smoky bacon had fallen behind the sofa.

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