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Billy on the Box: Hi-yo, it’s a silver lining for Brum’s ex-Ranger

Back in 1963, a small big-eared child is sitting on his potty in a Leicester living-room as the Lone Ranger gallops onto screen.

Fast forward 48 years and that episode where Mr Ranger rips the backside out of his leather chaps on a stray cactus comes flooding back to Gary Lineker as he opens proceedings at the Carling Cup Final.

“Both teams are desperate to experience that oh so elusive feeling of flesh on silver,” muses Gary, and while Savlon was the answer, another ex-Ranger Alex McLeish |(pictured) was to give the Brum-rush to the loan Wenger.

It was a final, so nice to let Alan Shearer come along and see what cups and medals look like, but in fairness he was the only pundit to predict that Birmingham would see off the world’s greatest team, Arsenal.

And the world’s greatest team with the world’s greatest player, or so it seems, as the Jack Wilshere hype-o-meter went into overdrive, He’s good, he has potential to be better, but Xavi and Lionel Messi he is not.

Still as long as you have a good, dependable young keeper you’ll be grand. Oops!

It was a cracking game, not even Mark Lawrenson’s monosyllabic miserable musings could spoil it, although he showed he’s down with the kids with mentions of Marty Feldman and Steeler’s Wheel. Get with it, Lawro, the Lone Ranger’s what you want.

He was joined by Guy Mowbray but with lol Lawro playing the straight man he had to dig deep to find hilarity and turned up a gem when asked where does Carr get the energy from. “I don’t know,” said Guy, “but he’s still motoring”. Ker-boom.

But the final word, as always, went to Lineker. “Martens win it for Birmingham to end 48 years of the Blues’.

I just hope he got the potty emptied.

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