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Billy on the Box: In a League of Their Own and it’s really no wonder

A League of Their Own. Discuss. I have sat and looked at that sentence for quite a while now and after four days feel sufficiently calm to proceed.

The biggest change is in the line-up with ‘comedian’ Jack Whitehall not exactly a like-for-like substitution for Georgie Thompson, who turned up for night one of ten (how is this possible?) as a guest.

“And squeezing us in between her globe-trotting Formula One duties is the new face of Sky F1, the gorgeous, the beautiful Georgie Thompson,” said James Corden ensuring that the requisite number of plugs were included.

The clue there is ‘face’ as like on Sky’s F1 coverage she said virtually nothing but was still lovely, so that was okay.

Nothing much else has changed. It’s still the same annoying array of in-jokes, references to Freddie Flintoff’s drinking, Jamie Redknapp being handsome, Corden (pictured) being Corden and John Bishop providing anything remotely funny, and the fawning around Steven Gerrard was toe-curling at times.

“One of the biggest names in world football, he’s the man who does,” Corden said. Does what, lose at home to West Brom?

Still, there was a promise of better things to come when we were told to come back after the break when Georgie would be taking the ‘Visa Sprint Challenge’. Nice plug for the Visa-sponsored programme, and this entailed the pint-sized one running across the studio.

“It was like watching Scrappy Doo,” chortled Corden, and he was so close to an accurate summation of the show although it may have been rhyming slang.

There was sky-diving and wing-walking to come and I may just be getting older and more twisted but I couldn’t help thinking it was never like this with Emlyn Hughes and Bill Beaumont.

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