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Billy on the Box: Is it time to say Amen to Soccer AM?

There comes a time when you have to ask ‘do we really need Soccer AM anymore?’

If you haven’t spotted the theme yet then you probably love Soccer AM.

Like Cher’s Shoop Shoop Song I hated this Saturday morning staple from day one and like a pair of moth-eaten Y-fronts it has continued to rub me up the wrong way ever since.

Maybe I’m just like those afore-mentioned under-garments. Past my best, not down with the children anymore and missing the point.

Exactly like Marcus Hahnemann, US goalie and scary bloke, who sat in bemusement on the sofa as Helen Chamberlain (pictured) giggled in a very inappropriate frock for that time of the morning (dungarees were good enough for Maggie Philbin on Swap Shop, I’ll say no more) with three of the lads for the Inbetweeners.

The only person to look more out of place on Sky this week was Gary Neville on Monday Night Football who stood like he was at a youth club disco waiting for one of David Beckham’s cast-offs.

So, do we need it? Yes, for one very good reason. A text I received from my other half asking ‘what does NI players on showboat mean?’

I clarified what this Facebook post meant, but I prefer to think of Nigel Worthington and the boys performing musical numbers with Jane McDonald. Or even Alan McDonald.

No, there was no paddle steamer, just Paddy McCourt, but given recent problems with footballers from Londondoire, we should expect Fifa to award the goals to the Republic so well done on beating Croatia 2-0 last week.

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