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Billy on the Box: Is there an answer to A Question of Sport?

There comes a time when you have to ask ‘do we really need A Question of Sport anymore?’

There comes a time when you have to ask ‘do we really need A Question of Sport anymore?’

Even Phil Tufnell would have spotted the theme by now. Or perhaps not.

This is a man who on Monday night’s programme was trying to guess who had won the Heineken Cup the most and came up with the answer ‘Papillon.’ No doubt starring Gordon McQueen.

Mind you, he was probably still a bit confused after Friday night’s show on the Olympic hopefuls special. Award yourself two points if you’d ever heard of any of them. Oh, a modern pentathlete you say.

We weren’t blessed with a glut of those down Ballymena-way when this institution was in the hands of David Coleman (in obligatory pastel sweater) and Emlyn Hughes and big Bill Beaumont |(pictured) as captains.

At least on Monday we had guests of that era — Barry McGuigan, Robin Cousins, Peter Reid and Ken Doherty, although I was still rubbing my eyes that Sue Barker opened proceedings seemingly naked, but on closer inspection it was just an orange blouse she was wearing.

“Looking around me I can see world champions, Olympic gold medallists and experienced international sports stars,” Sue said. And Peter Reid. Only joking, thankfully these old-timers have some personality, even if they are as thick as two short ones.

Harsh? Tuffers’ discussion of Brazilian football team Flamengo threw up ‘it’s a one-legged bird’ and thankfully no-one made any mention of any former wives of a Beatles member or the audience — average age 78 — would have choked on their Werthers.

So, do we need it? Put it this way, it’s either this or A League Of Their Own.

Quick Sue, get that picture board up again.

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