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Billy on the Box: It never rained but it was Singapore

While Sky may throw everything at their F1 coverage there’s still something peculiarly appealing about the Beeb’s efforts.

I know that’s a bit like admitting you find Dana alluring, but stick with me on this, I mean where else would you get to see such sights as dragon boat racing before a car even came into view?

We were in Singapore and the only night-time race (makes it easier to fall asleep) so Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan had a few hours to kill before work, so it was off to the river.

“As beautiful as this is, this is ridiculous,” said Jake, and I wasn’t sure if he meant the race, David Coulthard appearing on the grid in dazzling white jeans or Eddie Jordan donning a shirt that a geisha girl would have turned down for being a bit obvious.

He is delighted that F1 has signed a new five-year deal to stay in Singapore, thus making shirt buying so much easier, and was in great form but Jake wasn’t letting him get it all his own way.

“We have to talk about Sebastian Vettel’s helmet,” he began. Well, if we must.

“It’s the kind of helmet Katie Price would enjoy bringing to a GP.” Jake, apply the handbrake and walk away now before there’s no turning back.

It turns out that there are flashing lights on the German’s headgear, but there is only room for one flashy man and there’s definitely room for only one Jordan.

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