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Billy on the Box: It turns out to be alright on the day for Norden

Triathlon comes from the ancient Greek for ‘need their heads looked’ but it seems that much more medical attention than that is needed.

They were dropping like flies as the season-ending finale World Series headed off to Auckland and the BBC sent along Sonali Shah to guide us through the highlights, but she was taking her life in her hands.

The women were up first, and David Smith, coach to two of the leading protagonists, Erin Densham and Lisa Norden, revealed that they had been less than well.

“Lisa had a bit of food poisoning and spewing but fortunately two hours before the race she held down some water,” he said, as I pushed my pork belly away. Incidentally, that’s what I was eating, not a medical condition.

Ulster’s Aileen Morrison started well, before she was ailing, and had to stop, and next to join her in the sickbay was the chunder from Down Under, Aussie Densham, who was as green as her outfit.

This meant that Swede Norden really just had to finish to take the title and she did just that proving that you don’t have to be alright during the night to win on the day.

Olympic gold medallist Alastair Brownlee couldn’t make the men’s event, leaving the door open for wee brother, Johnny, to take the title, and as a Leeds fan there were few that would argue with him.

As co-commentator Steve Trew pointed out: “If Yorkshire had been a nation it would have been in the top 10 nations in the world at the Olympics.”

Indeed, although one competitor this week who invaded the defenceless area of Kirkland was given the right treatment in the end.

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