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Billy on the Box: It’s hard being stuck behind a Rock

Much has been done to change the image of darts — a move away from smoky, drink-fuelled dingy venues, dancing girls, glitz, glamour and bombastic walk-on music, but some things are harder to change.

I come from an era when the giants of the sport were just that, behemoths with bellies, and many of them holding four projectiles in their chubby mitts, three made from tungsten and one from tobacco.

So it was refreshing as memories of Leighton Rees, big Cliff Lazarenko, Jocky Wilson et al fade that a new man mountain has appeared on the scene. Take a bow (if you can) Peter Hudson.

Hudson (pictured) hails from Eccles, the place near Manchester not the delicious cake, and weighing in at slightly less than a small planet took on James Wade and his beard in the first round of the Ladbrokes World Championships on Sky earlier this week.

At least he didn’t have the gall to call himself ‘The Hawk’ plumping instead for ‘The Rock’ and it was rather appropriate given that he looked like Gibraltar wearing a pair of straining black Farahs up on the oche.

He didn’t detain us long, winning just the two legs before leaving us but how nice it is for us veteran arrows’ fans to see Paul Lim back on the big stage, the man who made history by throwing the first nine-darter at the World Championships many moons ago.

And how good it was too that his younger brother, Prelim, has also made an appearance just before the first round proper. I refuse to apologise for that joke — it’s a Christmas cracker!

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