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Billy on the Box: Kauto’s star is dimming... but John will always shine

AP (and Tony) McCoy may be magic, Ruby is a gem and Kauto is a star but John McCririck is the true racing legend.

Racing on Four without him would be like a horse’s backside without a fly, and yes he’s a chauvinistic, bombastic, blundering buffoon at times but as Mr Walsh said himself on Saturday’s Morning Line ‘all geniuses have a flaw.’

I think he meant Kauto but when McCririck (pictured) is sitting bedecked in a woolly hat with ‘4’ emblazoned across it and dressed like a strategically shaved yak that has been whipped through an antiques shop, it’s questionable.

Onto the afternoon’s action and presenter Alastair Down assured us the day was ‘unique but windblown’ before we joined John and ‘female’ Tanya Stevenson, with his little woolly number now replaced by a cowboy hat.

Sometimes words are not enough.

Kauto, who couldn’t be beaten, came third, thus missing out on a fifth King George and if this sounds like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t. Then again, Long Run’s chances were scoffed at by the experts on The Morning Line, so going by name and number will still be my form guide.

At least when Matt Dawson comes on board in the planned revamp we’ll get all the insight we need. More chance of Kauto winning a fifth King George, ridden by Les Dawson.

Let’s hope that his arrival doesn’t mean even less of McCririck. The end of Kauto is one thing, the dimming of another star doesn’t bear thinking about.

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