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Billy on the Box: Kilmarnock boss Kenny is ruler of Ulster Scots

It was nice to see one man from Northern Ireland taking on Glasgow opponents on a rugby park in Scotland and winning at the weekend.

You’d have gotten pretty long odds on it being Kilmarnock beating Rangers but the way Ulster are playing at the minute they couldn’t beat the egg they’re supposed to be chasing.

So take a bow Kenny Shiels who guided Killie to a win over the champions, the first since people were passing through Ayrshire to begin a new life in Upperlands during the Plantation, according to Sky Sports.

For someone who spent many a Saturday afternoon, most of them surreal, with Kenny during his time as Ballymena United boss I still have to pinch himself that it really is him sitting opposite Ally McCoist.

Then again I interviewed him in the nude one day following a match so I expect the unexpected when King Kenny is around. Can I just point out I was fully clothed for the duration of the interview.

He may well have been naked below his bench jacket but he still hadn’t lost his ability to bamboozle interviewers, as his ‘we want to turn some draws into defeats’ comment before the game showed. I think I know what he meant, but with Kenny (pictured) you can never be sure.

It was like Ulster Reunited on the field, Kenny joined by Jimmy Nicholl, while Steven Davis and Kyle Lafferty were on the other side, while Momo Sissoko and Sone Aluko are from Randalstown. I may have made that last one up.

Manuel Pascali, not from Upperlands, scored the goal and gave us what we all wanted, Kenny in the studio with David Tanner and Neil McCann.

“I’m pleased for the real genuine supporters. Football is a sport that brings a parochial spirit to the parish and if you look at the Kilmarnock people there are so many people in this town that support the Old Firm and I don’t know why they do it,” he mused.

I think I know the reason, and it’s nothing to do with nude managers.

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