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Billy on the Box: Magic Marty in a league of his own

GAA fans like myself and Peter Robinson sat down to a new season of GAA as League Sunday returned to our screens on RTE2 at the weekend.

“After a five-month absence the GAA world came back to life this weekend,” presenter Marty Morrissey told us.

I knew that the First Minister going to a game had all been a dream and who are all those boys who have been knocking the bejaesus out of each other over the last while?

Marty (pictured), the long-lost third brother that Podge and Rodge prefer to keep quiet about, quickly glossed over the McKenna Cup and the all-in handbag championships that have allowed the players to keep their hand in during the close season, as the highlights of the NFL hit the screens.

This is a very different NFL to the one across the pond, no Madonna at Croke Park for the curtain-raiser, which had been shown live on Setanta thus why no-one had seen it.

There are also matches on TG4 but that’s all a bit confusing for Peter, so he had to wait as we raced through the highlights, a bit like Match of the Day but with more ear hair.

We whizzed through Dublin’s defeat by Kerry, Tyrone seeing off Kildare and Derry losing to Galway before it was off to Armagh against Cork, with a Rebel rouser shown red for a spot of handbags.

Nice to see the Garvaghy Road Orangemen on the March banner behind the goal, they obviously thought Peter was on his way again, but there’s still a long way to go and let’s hope Marty made it back to Ballydung in one piece.

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