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Billy on the Box: Merson is clearly living in a fantasy

If it’s real fantasy football you’re after then Sky is the place to visit.

Back in the day when Soccer AM was a programme and not punishment, Fenners was one of the highlights and ever since he has reappeared in various guises, most of them pretty awful it has to be said.

And so on Friday night it was the turn of The Fantasy Football Club to hit the screens, the now John Fendley with sidekick Paul Merson along for an hour of basically plugging Sky Sports’ fantasy football website.

If you can imagine Soccer Am’s annoying little brother turning up in a hoodie and hanging about in front of some shops looking to get up to no good, you get the general idea.

Clearly they were down the pecking order when it came to booking Olympic heroes, as the best they could manage was a bronze medallist in the shape of boxer Anthony Agogo. All the golden ones were on Alan Carr.

Agogo did come up with the best line of the night when he confessed he only got rid of his Ryan Giggs sheets a couple of years ago. Judging by some of the things he’s alleged to have gotten up to, I hope they were only replicas.

We had an hour of abbreviations and text speak with ITK (in the know) and VFM (value for money) but, in truth, it was all NFG (not very good), and then Merse (pictured), Sky’s resident cheeky chappie, had the cheek to say Eric Cantona was over-rated.

“I thought he was a belter in the Premier League, but he never kicked a ball in the Champions’ League and didn’t play at an unbelievable level for his country,” he said.

Some fair points, well made but then again nor did Eric play for Walsall.

Now that is a real fantasy.

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