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Billy on the Box: Mick enjoys his beano to new weekend pad

Match of the Day 2 is now to be found on BBC1 after its close season transfer from near rivals, BBC2 — imagine Carlos Tevez but without the wish to move to Canal 7 in Buenos Aries.

This has meant a slight change from the zany, madcap ways of the cheeky sibling station with more emphasis now on football and chat rather than hilarious clips of fat blokes eating pies or old women sleeping in very alarming anoraks.

However, there’s still an urge to be childish and Colin Murray et al have achieved this in a very cunning fashion — by coming back as popular cartoon characters.

Murray, who always had the look of Harry Potter’s trying to be trendy cousin appears to have reinvented himself as Walter the Softy and how nice it was of Alan Shearer to continue his metamorphosis into Smiffy from the Bash Street Kids to keep him company on Sunday.

To ensure though that these young whipper-snappers toe the line, it needed a gruff elder to keep them in check and no better man than the the master of mirth that is Mick McCarthy, or Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.

“Mick has joined the BBC team this season, unless Man Utd come knocking and he’ll jump us like a hot potato,” joked Colin, and I think he’ll be alright on that one — more chance of Tevez going back to Old Trafford.

But wasn’t it nice to see on the highlights of City’s game with Liverpool that young Raheem Sterling was desperate to get hold of Tevez’s shirt at the end of the match.

He should have nipped along to Eastlands last season and he’d have got his hands on hundreds of them but that’s football, everyone moves on and BBC2 are left to sulk and read the Beano.

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