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Billy on the Box: Nasser left feeling green at World Cup

Sir Ian Botham, Geoffrey Boycott, WG Grace, Freddie Flintoff’s pedalo, Bob Willis and your mad curly hairy of 1981 — your boys took one helluva beating!

For several hours things were going along just ticketyboo for England as they gave lip service to the turnip chuckers from across the Irish Sea at the World Cup in India.

And then it all went horribly wrong as Kevin O’Brien came out swinging like Tarzan in a rope factory and suddenly the patronising stopped and the panicking began.

Nasser Hussain (pictured) was the chief culprit on Sky, spending most of England’s innings and a large part of Ireland’s, bemoaning that the pesky Oirish were allowed to play in the World Cup.

Then professional toff, Mark Nicholas, went all Judith Chalmers on us by telling everyone how nice Ireland was and how the craic was great and sure don’t they like sport too. And not just gaelic football, rugby and soccer, they play cricket too. Who knew?

To hear them you’d think William Porterfield and his boys would dander out to the middle swinging shillelaghs, chanting begorrah and commenting that the square would make great turf.

Still at least by the end of an incredible game Hussain had come round to a more positive spin, admitting that there were those who said Ireland were only there to make up the numbers but the number was now two. I think he meant runs but fingers may have been raised.

Don’t worry though, England will bounce back. Get your money on London for the Sam Maguire in September.

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