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Billy on the Box: Never mind touchdowns Sky wins it hands down

Who would have thought that the names Manning and Madonna would ever share top of the bill? Well apart from that night at the Embassy Club in Manchester when there was a real true blue evening they still talk about.

The Manning in vogue though is Eli who managed to be the star of the show at the Super Bowl as one group of New York Giants just about edged out another one from the Big Apple. And they beat the New England Patriots too.

But the big battle on telly was between the Salford Refugees, sorry, BBC Sport and Sky who were both showing the game live but in very different ways.

Matt Roberts, who had guided us capably through the play-offs when the Beeb turned up late for the NFL party, found himself replaced by Mark Chapman, ably assisted by Mike Carlson and a fresh-faced St Louis Ram in Danny Amendola.

Danny appeared to be dressed in more outfits than Madonna, and it was casual while in Indianapolis they had turned on the style, with Kevin Cadle, Neil Reynolds and Cecil Martin suited and booted.

But Kevin and Cecil (pronounced the way it used to be on Dynasty) are big chaps and the weight allowance on the flight over was clearly touch and go as they perched precariously on their wee ledge at the stadium on rickety wooden director’s chairs.

Back in Salford, the seats were holding out but by the second quarter the lack of much to say had brought out the dreaded Tweets and we were back to the Beeb treating NFL fans like idiots.

Chappers asked Mike why players had towels and we were told it was to dry the ball. Cutting edge stuff this but at least the game was a cracker although just why we need the same coverage from CBS on two channels at the same time is even more crackers.

Shame then that the Patriots, owned by Kraft, lost out in the end, but there was enough cheese on BBC1 to give us all nightmares in the wee small hours.

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