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Billy on the Box: No worries, as Ireland are on the up Down Under

Skippy, Paul Hogan, Kylie Minogue, Rolf Harris, those two boys off the Fosters ad, Mrs Mangel - your boys took one helluva beating.

The Irish bandwagon roaring towards World Cup glory is back on track and even George Hook was happy, although he was fighting back the cheers, as the boys in green finally got the better of the Aussies.

Brent Pope was almost beyond himself with more glee on display than on a 13-year-old schoolgirl’s bedroom wall.

Declan Kidney even smiled, it was that kind of crazy day, although the early kick-off was confusing me as all I heard was Beale being talking about and no matter how hard I looked I couldn’t see Ian anywhere.

I remember Pete cleared off years ago but didn’t realise he’d settled Down Under and had a child with Captain Dobie from Starsky and Hutch, but it later turned out that the Beale in question was an Aussie player (pictured below).

It’s easy to get confused, Stephen Ferris treating little Will Genia with very little grace but he should be careful, rugby players have been getting a bit of bad press regarding that of late.

Then again, where are we if a rugger player can’t go into a bar and ask for a short without fear of recriminations?

Thankfully, Donal Lenihan is old school and over on RTE as the clock ticked down and Tommy Bowe ran like a man with his didgeridoo on fire towards the corner, his voice was becoming so high-pitched that dolphins were panicking across the globe.

He didn’t make it, but Ireland did and suddenly we all started to dream as Donal reached for the Tunes. Just a shame Italy will beat us in a fortnight’s time.

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