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Billy on the Box: Red faces are what world was waiting for


The Stone Roses have announced a comeback tour

The Stone Roses have announced a comeback tour

The Stone Roses have announced a comeback tour

What an incredible derby that was and what a turn up for the books. Who would have thought it, West Brom beating Aston Villa?

Only joking, I wouldn’t be so churlish as not to mention the big demolition derby of the weekend, so well done to Neil Warnock and the boys for QPR’s win over Chelsea.

Oh, alright then, well done Man City, but shame on you BBC for rubbing my little chubby, but cute, red nose right in it by inflicting Colin Murray, Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon on us for Match of the Day 2.

A Liverpool fan, a Liverpool legend and a Man City-supporting former Arsenal player — they may as well have just have come on and laughed for the entire programme.

Many have wondered why Murray was chosen for the much sought-after gig of presenting Match of the Day’s cheeky little brother, but his Radio One days finally came to good use this week.

“What a week it has been in the city of Manchester. The Stone Roses are back together and their most famous musical son is No.1 in the album charts, but even Noel Gallagher will tell you the most important event was at Old Trafford,” he told us.

And so it was off to the match as he explained to Alan and Lee who The Stone Roses and Oasis are/were, but no such problems for Guy Mowbray.

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“From all four corners, millions watch worldwide, and for now Manchester can claim to be England’s capital of music and football. This is the one,” and you expected Mani to appear but we had to settle for Nani.

Everywhere you looked there were musical undertones (see, even I’m at it), with Vincent ‘not at all Bad’ Kompany, Danny Wel-Beck and Rio-Franz Ferdinand, although judging by the way he played they may as well have had Archduke Ferdinand at the back.

Still with Jonny Evans around why worry, be happy.

Or maybe not, as Jonny took it upon himself to be bad and before a Fine Young Cannibal could say a word he was on his way home for an early bath.

And the goals flowed too, Mowbray concluding ‘it was the stuff of dreams for Mancini and a nightmare for Fergie’ although what it had to do with the bloke who wrote the Pink Panther theme or the fragrant one from the Black Eyed Peas is a mystery.

Kompany was at it too, saying it was a ‘Beautiful Day’ but thankfully it was another Irish frontman other than Bono that then appeared as Colin, barely stifling a giggle, guided us through the back catalogue of goals.

When it got to Champagne Super-Mario though it was stretching it a tad although we still had two Van the mans to deal with at Arsenal and Spurs, S-Aha was making a less than popular comeback at Fulham while Kean was not going down a storm at Blackburn.

Enough? Well, I’ll let Colin play us out.

“In the big game at Old Trafford, one team announced themselves as the Definitely Maybes and the other is made to look back in anger,” he said, but don’t you worry, Colin, like the Stone Roses, the Reds will have a Second Coming, just keep a beady eye open.

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