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Billy on the Box: Roy Keane not blinded by Euro vision

Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer, Roald Amundsen, Edvard Munch, Henrik Ibsen, Morten Harket, Trude Mostue — your boys took one helluva beating.

Yes, Roy’s boys laid down a marker for Euro 2012 with a thumping 1-0 win over Norway on Saturday night although like Engelbert Humperdinck it wasn’t all music to the lugs of Mr Hodgson.

England’s game went up against Eurovision over on the Beeb and a cheeky Irishman bucked the trend of lauding everything with suitably acerbic comments. And Graham Norton was quite cheeky too.

Jubilee or not, Roy Keane refused to get caught up in the new found wave of patriotism sweeping the nation, and in this world of wannabes he really is becoming the voice of football.

Britain may have talent but on this showing England have precious little, however there’s still hope as Adrian Chiles promised new faces after the break. But before opportunity knocked for someone it was back to the tedious action.

At the end Chiles declared ‘a sensible degree of cautious optimism’, Gareth Southgate and Peter Reid nodded but by now Keano, more Jedi than Jedward, had had enough.

“Everyone is saying it’s a great win. Let’s not kid ourselves, Norway aren’t great, they haven’t even qualified, they’re bang average,” he hinted.

And be warned, Sweden will be on the crest of a wave after their win in Eurovision, but it’s going to be okay, as Chiles concluded: “Let’s rejoice in Roy Hodgson’s 100 per cent record as England manager.” Make the most of the euphoria, it won’t last.

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