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Billy on the Box: Savage ready to step in for the cavemen

I’m a little bit scared, and I don’t mean I’m still recovering from the shock of seeing Neil Ruddock doing the draw for the Fifth Round of the FA Cup.

I know players put on a few pounds when they stop playing but he now looks like Ray Winstone after he’s eaten Winston Churchill but he’s unusual in that he’s a former Liverpool player I like. That number now stands at two. I’ll let you guess the other one.

No, my biggest fear is that Robbie Savage has just announced his retirement, just when Sky have got rid of a couple of people lately, by all accounts.

Robbie is the Marmite of footballers, there is no middle ground, loved by his own fans, loathed by all others, and he is fast becoming the media darling so with a place to fill and Sky desperate to make amends, then why not replace two cavemen with a Savage?

Mind you, given his flowing blonde locks, perhaps he’s being lined up to be a Sky Sports News presenter, but just don’t ask Jim White to help tuck in your microphone, would be my advice.

Gary Neville is another equally divisive name in the frame, while wee Gordon Strachan continued his audition for the role during ITV’s coverage of the Southampton v Man Utd game.

While he may not be sexist, racist, ageist or anything else, he shot himself in the foot with the worst case of pro-gingerism I’ve ever witnessed.

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“The best English midfielder since I’ve started watching football,” Strachan said of Paul Scholes, and we nodded knowingly. Shameful. And Robbie and Razor are now two of the key men in the FA’s Respect campaign. Hmm, whatever next? Keys and Gray on Loose Women?

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