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Billy on the Box: Scottish fling when they’re not winning

Take 6,500 drunk Glaswegians, fuel them with anti-Sassenach vitriol and deep-fried revenge for five weeks and what could possibly go wrong?

Since Gary Anderson lost to Adrian Lewis in the world championship final, Sky had been hyping up the return match on Caledonian soil for the man from the Potteries, and boy did it work.

Before he got on stage there was more drink being splashed about than Rab C Nesbitt taking a short cut home across a bouncy castle and I know his nickname is Jackpot but there were more 2p pieces flying about than a windy day at the world wig championships.

Conveniently, the Sky cameras decided to pan away at this stage and the tactics seemed to be working as Anderson raced into the lead, prompting Sid Waddell to say he’d hit Lewis ‘with a ton of bricks’. Only a matter of time.

The coins kept coming, and Anderson was so fed up he was throwing to miss to let Lewis win a leg and at the end gave the morons a right lashing.

Still, nice that Dave Clark (not |pictured) condemned it with such force: “A sour note to end what was a very good evening.” You tell ’em, Dave.

Yes, it’s just a few throwing things, but with thousands of pounds and a livelihood at stake, there’s little compensation to be had when there’s a 50p lodged in the back of your skull.

We’re in Brighton tonight, crash helmets at the ready, with sticks of rock, Chris Eubank effigies and dead seagulls aplenty being hurled onto the oche.

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