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Billy on the Box: Scott’s hot as Silverback gets the beers in

And so with a tear (or is it sweat) running down our cheeks it was time to wave goodbye to the Lakeside as the final curtain was lowered on the World Darts Championship for 2012.

In reality, the darts stopped on New Year’s Day when the PDC packed up but the BDO version reached its less than exciting denouement on Sunday tea-time.

Of course, arrows fans will know that Sunday tea-time was traditionally Bullseye time although with Frimley Green largely occupied by round men singing raucously it could well have been Highway.

It was more My Way for Colin Murray who reflected that the end was indeed near although a little sooner than his excited proclamation at the beginning of events promised.

“Welcome to a BDO World Darts Final that just screams classic. The line between euphoria and devastation has never been drawn so thinly,” he screamed. The line between reality and completely losing the run of yourself is a pretty thin one too.

Scotty (2 Hotty) Waites stormed into a five-set lead against Tony O’Shea, the Silverback prowling around the stage like he’d just heard that bananas were half price in Asda.

He hadn’t long to wait, he hit back to make it Fyffe-one, sorry, 5-1 and it was time for a break and a much-needed libation. No doubt, an isotonic high-energy beverage would be awaiting him on his return to the players’ lounge.

As Colin waffled on and Bobby George nodded occasionally as he clearly couldn’t hear a word he was saying, we cut to Tony and there he was taking on fluids in a way professional sportsmen do — swigging from a bottle of Budweiser.

It may well be the King of Beers but the crown belonged to Waites as he rattled off the two sets he needed for victory as Tony reflected with Rod Walker (a shame he still didn’t have the bottle) about his third final defeat and his hopes for the future.

“I’ll be back, I don’t care it’s fourth, fifth or six times lucky, I don’t give a monkeys,” he vowed. Well, he’s a silverback what else would you expect him to give?

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