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Billy on the Box: Sky is surely the limit for Formula One

A reminder to everyone that Sunday morning at 4.30am the most exciting sports event of this or any other year is upon us — the return of Formula One.

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes,” the man from Lovejoy (not Tim) growled as Sky’s new dedicated home of Formula One opened for business on Friday evening.

The eyes, new or not, will be blurry as Australia is our first port of call for the new season and I don’t care how shiny and new it is, or how many leather catsuits Georgie Thompson will wear, it’s still half four in the morning.

It’s not evolution but revolution by the minute for Sky who have brought in a cast of thousands and a lovely new theme tune. Stop right there. There is only piece of music for grand prix and we already all know the words — all together now, dummmm, di-di-di, di-di-di, di-di-dummmmmm

Frontman at the chain of command for Sky is Simon Lazenby, joined on the sofa on opening night by Damon Hill and Martin Brundle.

“Over the next nine months we’ll be taking you further inside the world of F1 than ever before,” he explained as Ted Kravitz, Anthony Davidson and ‘our very own Georgie Thompson’ (or is it Sybil Fawlty) were also wheeled out.

Her main contribution to the evening was to stand with Davidson at the giant Sky pad (although it may be small as she is only three foot six) and said ‘do you expect him to grab this with both hands, Ant?” What Dec would have said, no-one knows.

There was more, Sky in an attempt to appeal to the yoof enlisting Fenners and Natalie Pinkham is also there, to appeal to the drivers, as we went on a date with her and Mark Webber.

But the best thing about the new home of F1? No, not the six live shows for each race, the ridiculous hype on Sky Sports News or Georgie (pictured) in leather, it’s Steve Rider talking in a grown-up way to legends of the sport. It’ll never catch on.

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