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Billy on the Box: Things that make you go McFall

Move over Messi, make way Mourinho, meander aside Mohammad Ali, there is only one sporting great beginning with M big enough to command Saturday tea-time on Sky Sports.

Yes it was McFall as Portadown v Coleraine battled it out for viewing figures with Barca, Real and the Greatest, although minus the biggest sporting superstar we possess.

Bizarrely Gerry Armstrong decided that the Spanish footy was more of an attraction than a visit to Mid-Ulster so instead we got the man who sent in the cross for that goal in Valencia all those years ago.

It’s just as well Billy Hamilton was available, can you imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t been and Mark Robson was forced to ask Arconada about big Ronnie’s injury crisis.

“The Irish Premiership, if you haven’t seen it before is boot, bottle, battle, bruise with a sprinkling of beauty as well,” said Robbo, although there weren’t too many of the last category about if we’re being totally honest here.

But highlight of the day was Robbo’s fascinating fact as to why Shamrock Park was named so.

“Portadown have played at Shamrock Park since 1905, named after the famous Shamrock racing yachts Thomas Lipton raced in the America’s Cup,” revealed Robbo.

There is absolutely no truth that Glenavon are thinking of renaming their ground ‘Titantic Park’ given their current predicament.

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