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Billy on the box: Wembley final a tale of two keepers, Jamies and Noel

By Billy Weir

There have been some unusual double acts down the years - The Krankies, Little and Large, Renee and Renato, Paisley and McGuinness - the list goes on.

And now we have another one - Noel Gallagher, better known as the talented half of Oasis, and his blossoming relationship with Jamie Carragher, better known as Scouser who isn't Steven Gerrard and the man Sky are desperate to fill the large Gary Neville-shaped void on their punditry panel.

The pair locked horns on Soccer AM on Saturday in the build-up to the Milk Littlewoods Rumbelows Coca-Cola Worthington Carling Capital One League Cup final between Gallagher's beloved Man City and Carragher's even more-beloved Liverpool.

It was good while it lasted, a bit like Oasis, but unlike Liam, Jamie was reunited with Noel again soon after the completion of Sunday's match, which won't be remembered for much other than a big Willy.

Stop it, stop it right there, act your age. The man in question is Willy Caballero, City's goalkeeper stealing the show and leading to huge amounts of hypocrisy and humble pie munching by everyone who felt that the man who had played in every round should have been kicked out and Joe Hart brought back in.

Jamie Redknapp, still lovely, whined 'you talk about loyalty, you play your best player,' before Liverpool's best keeper Simon Mignolet let a ball past him that Tony Hart would have saved.

They grabbed an equaliser, and Mignolet suddenly morphed into a world beater, before we arrived at penalty kicks, Carragher remaining professional and composed shouting 'c'mon Liverpool, c'mon'.

And then big Willy stole the show, three great saves and Niall Quinn, resident City pundit who had questioned the decision to play him, now full of praise for the decision and Blues' boss Manuel Pellegrini's loyalty.

Just when Carragher thought his day couldn't get any worse, up popped Gallagher deep in the bowels of Wembley.

"Good evening Jamie, alright, how you feeling, lad?" he smirked.

"You've got a Scouse coat on there," came the disgruntled reply.

"No, no, no, it's an expensive one," as Gallagher won the opening rally.

"Ah well, never mind, there's always next year, eh? Or the year after. Or the year after that," said Gallagher, who was moving in for the kill.

"Like you in the Champions League," replied Carragher and an honourable draw was declared, without the need of a shoot-out.

Sky will be devastated as Carragher is now set to follow Neville and has joined Gallagher's new band, but sadly for him the Liver Birds aren't flying that high just yet.

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