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Billy on the Box: We’re all left feeling a little bleu in Paris

Picture the scene. A pair who have seen their battle played out in the full glare of the public eye and then an expectant crowd gathers on match day to see if they shake hands and move on.

Nope, not a chance, David Humphreys and Brian McLaughlin just went about their business as if nothing had happened.

It was much the same story in Paris for Ireland’s Six Nations date with France, although the air was a little less frosty than at Ravenhill, but it was lovely and toasty warm back in the RTE studio in Dublin.

There was no inkling of what was to come as a pastiche of The Artist kicked off the programme, although in retrospect The Big Chill may have been more appropriate, but as Tom McGurk said ‘we’ve had a weather scare but so far, so good.’

Somewhere Michael Fish punched the air in delight as someone got a weather forecast even more wrong than he did before we went to Ryle Nugent who was left to deliver the bad news that ‘I have to say I’m not sure we’re going to start here.’

Cue the start of the finger-pointing and blaming as the game bit the dust, but for once the calmest man in the place was George Hook.

“Just before we think a nuclear device has exploded, a sporting event has been cancelled,” he implored, but wind your neck in, the fall-out from this one is going to be more awkward than Brian McLaughlin’s leaving do.

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