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Billy Weir: It’s double Dutch as RVB beats MVG in van race and there’s a GP in the USA

It was a grand day on Sunday in the radically differing locations of Wolverhampton and Texas with respective Slams and Prixs in action.

It was power all the way in Austin as the fastest men in the world battled it out in the penultimate F1 race of the season while in the Black Country it was orange all the way as two Vans raced at a slightly slower speed.

The Vans in question were Barneveld and Gerwen as Barney and Mighty Mike went head to head in a double Dutch denouement of a week of arrow flinging in the Grand Slam.

No arrows to report in cowboy country and, as at the darts, it was all about numbers as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso battled it out for the title, but back on the oche there were more letters flying about than in a fight at a Scrabble competition.

So while it was MPH at the GP in the USA it was RVB against MVG as the PDC proved it was better than the BDO. OK?

And who should turn up but Robbie Savage, with a message scrawled on his card that read ‘Boo if you think I was the greatest Premier League player of all time.’

Commentator John Gwynne told us that ‘Robbie loves his arrows’ – what a shame he wasn’t holding a pint of Strongbow – and that he was a ‘great ambassador for the game’. I think he said ambassador, there was a bit of booing at the time.

Gwynne had obviously located his Big Boy’s Book of All Things Dutch as he explained fans would be ‘roaring in Rotterdam, ecstatic in Enschede and positively euphoric in Utrecht.’ No mention thankfully of what they’d be doing in Assen.

“These two from the land of wooden shoes, windmills, tulips, to say nothing of fabulous footballers and admirable arrow flingers,” continued John and his Big Boy’s Book of All Things Dutch is clearly missing a couple of chapters.

But Barney (pictured), who last tasted victory when dinosaurs and Leighton Rees roamed the earth, won a cracker (probably topped with Edam or Gouda, page 69 of the Big Boy’s Book of All Things Dutch) and all I can say it that it was VG.

Lewis Hamilton spoiled things by winning in Austin meaning the exciting (I think that’s the word) race for the title will go down to the wire in Sao Paolo. Time to reach for my Big Boy’s Book of All Things Brazilian — there may be a chapter extra in it than in John Gwynne’s.

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