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Croker craic ninety for Joe Brolly and the lads

By Billy Weir

There was a sense of eager anticipation on RTE as Michael Lyster burst on to our screens on the Sunday Game Live at Croke Park.

It had nothing to do with the All-Ireland semi-final, it was more who would poke Joe Brolly first.

Joe, as you may know, created a bit of a stir a couple of weeks ago by having a dig at Tyrone's Sean Cavanagh, and this was the first chance Michael and co-conspirators, Pat Spillane and Colm O'Rourke had had to get the pointy stick out.

"I should explain Colm has a slightly swollen jaw because of a tooth problem and not defending Joe's honour," smirked Michael as the other two sniggered and Joe struggled to remove his muzzle.

A bit of chat from Pat followed before Lyster paused, paused a wee bit more and said: "Joe Brolly, how are you today? Everything alright, anything you'd like to get off your chest before we begin?" as the other two giggled like schoolgirls.

"Easy boys," warned Joe, and then tried to be serious, before standing on his own landmine by adding 'Sean Cavanagh said a very interesting thing to me a few weeks ago,' and this brought the house down.

"Ah, go on lads, would youse act your age, it's like schoolboys beside you, would you listen to this," an exasperated Brolly retorted.

Well, you started it, Joe.

But fair play to him, a bit like Mayo, he had the final word, when discussing the award of a soft-looking penalty by referee Maurice Deegan, who had disallowed a perfectly good goal in the first-half.

"In fairness, what I think he was doing was making up for the balls he made in the first-half," hinted Joe.

That's it Joe, winning friends and influencing people across the land.

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