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Dour Denver Broncos are sitting on top of the world after Super bowl win

By Billy Weir

As Europe's rugby finest battled it out for supremacy, on the other side of the globe two groups of Americans locked horns to become poor man's rugby's world champions.

Yes, it was the Superbowl, the 50th one and so important that Sky and BBC were both broadcasting it, although slightly confusingly in this part of the world we weren't shown the first 10 minutes of the Beeb's coverage so had to guess the presenter Mark Chapman was with.

There was no mistaking their star guests, with Martin O'Neill and Lewis Hamilton popping in while, as is the nature of the event, there was pomp and ceremony galore, kicking off with Lady Gaga singing the Star Spangled Banner.

O'Neill revealed that he and Roy Keane had promised themselves a trip to the Superbowl if they qualified for the Euros, while Michael O'Neill got to go to the Edinburgh derby instead. We need to talk about aspirations, Michael, then again, maybe someone messed up the tickets?

The game itself was right up Keano's street, a hard, dour, defensive tussle; Carolina Panthers' young upstart quarterback Cam Newton being given a right stampeding by the Denver Broncos who were so dominant that their man who throws the ball, Peyton Manning, could have been replaced by his father, Bernard, and they would still have won.

Half-time salvation was provided by Coldplay and Bruno Mars and in the shape of Beyonce, I think, although it was quite late and I may have been dreaming but was awake long enough to see a jubilant Bronco player holding up what looked like a hi-tech Etch-a-Sketch with 'World Champs' scrawled on it.

"It's been an emotional week, an emotional night and I've got a couple of priorities," proclaimed Manning.

"I want to go and kiss my wife, kiss my kids, celebrate with my family and team-mates and I'm gonna drink a lot of Budweiser beer tonight," added the king of the world as he headed for the king of beers.

Of course that is nonsense, just as is the claim to be world champions, but who cares, it was late, Beyonce was still in my head - although now in the same outfit as Keano and Bernard Manning - and the Broncos rode off into the golden sunset as the 50th champs of the world. It seemed to make sense, but that may be the beer or sleep deprivation talking.

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