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Dwain Chambers gets a little shirty over in Sweden

I have to admit I didn't harbour any great hopes that the European Indoor Athletics Championships would provide much in the way of entertainment.

For me, the Europeans are way down the pecking order in athletic importance, where you start with the Worlds, then the Olympics, then the Europeans, then a man running for a bus and then the Commonwealth Games.

Jonathan Edwards, freed from the studio where he'd been held captive during last week's cycling, made it over to Gothenburg and the Scandinavium Arena where he told us it was the place where John Curry and Robin Cousins had won ice skating medals and had also staged the Eurovision Song Contest.

For the record (pun intended) that was in 1985 and was won by a popular Norwegian beat combo called Bobbysocks! with their smash hit 'La Det Swinge'. You must remember it?

The Beeb were going a little retro on us as well with Colin Jackson in a lovely cardigan that Starsky would have died for and Denise Lewis deciding to come on as the lead singer of eighties pop sensations Five Star.

Anyway back to the running and we all had to stifle a snigger before his race when Dwain Chambers informed us that he'd 'always tried to stay one step ahead of the other group in training.' Indeed Dwain, indeed, and then things took a bizarre twist.

"I look at what these Hollywood guys are doing – you've got Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone still making movies in their sixties, so it shows that age ain't nothing but a number," he added.

But he forgot one vital thing – while carrying out exertions in a vest you have to change your name to John and get a catchphrase as he struggled home in fifth in his heat and as Colin pointed out 'unless he explodes you know he's always struggling.' I think he was talking about Dwain and not Bruce.

Before you could say 'yippee-ka-yay' the explosion arrived, Dwain stomping off pulling his vest over his head, neatly handing off the Beeb's Phil Jones and then hurling the garment and trainers past a bemused looking Swedish woman in a strange tribute to Bucks Fizz. He kept his bobbysocks on though.

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