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Ex-Fighter Chris Eubank is up for a rumble in the jungle

By Billy Weir

Two things spring to mind in the embryonic stages of I'm A Celebrity thus far - will Kieron Dyer actually utter more than two words per show and when will Nigel Benn appear to join old sparring partner Chris Eubank?

They are the sporting representatives at the start of the show with Eubank an early favourite to succeed Carl Fogarty as king of the jungle, having lost none of his pomp and circumstance.

He swaggered into the clearing with the immortal words: "Probably the most difficult thing for me about the jungle is the unknown."

That would be the unknown jungle that is now in its 15th series.

There are as yet undiscovered tribes in the Amazon who are muttering 'Ant and Dec aren't on again, are they?'

Eubank's sartorial excellence made him the natural team-mate for Susannah 'not Trinny' Constantine, when she was picking her squad at the start.

"It's like boxing in a way, everyone thinks they can do it until they get in the ring," pointed out Eubank.

"Everyone had an idea what they're going to do until they get punched in the mouth." There are several people in there who are contenders for that.

Dyer, who has yet to go off injured, reckoned that he'd been 'through a lot of challenges in my career but this is my ultimate test.'

Perhaps, but I'm waiting for Lee Bowyer to dander in so they can have round two of their own middleweight battle.

And talking of nasty little creatures, the first real test had our intrepid duo suspended high above the ground in a cage where various creepy crawly beasties were dangled above their head.

On the spinning wheel to decide who would be given an unwelcome shower, it just stopped short of Dyer, or 'as close as Newcastle winning silverware'. Now come on, Kieron, the Bushtucker trials are a bit mad but there are some things you just can't swallow.

As expected, having thousands of critters dumped on his head didn't make Eubank blink, as thoughts of Benn were replaced by Zen, although his guard did drop a little when an impromptu chorus of 'Happy' started around the campfire and he started to dance. Now that was unpalatable.

But with new members of camp arriving by the day, it's only a matter of time before Benn walks in and the immortal line, to be bellowed by Ant or Dec, 'let's get ready to rumble in the jungle' leaves quivering koalas clinging onto trees in trepidation.

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