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French show resistance as Jakov Fak has a real cracker

By Billy Weir

Who would have thought it — a Frenchman with a gun prevailing on German territory.

And he did so without the help of a mysterious woman in a brown coat, saucily-clad maids or a bumbling policeman, so hats, goggles and skis off to Martin Fourcade for his success at the World Biathlon Championships.

What do you mean you missed it?

I only tuned in because my favourite biathlete (you mean you don’t have one?) was in action but it was to turn into a bad day for Slovenia’s finest Jakov Fak, who was joined by compatriots Gurlz and Arz to complete the Father Jack tribute act.

It’s a bizarre sport so obviously Eurosport was its natural habitat as 30,000 screaming people took to the streets and cheered with glee as strangely dressed men shot indiscriminately. I had to check I hadn’t switched onto Al Jazeera by mistake.

But Mr Fak was not to be denied as on Tuesday as he bounced back to win the 20k individual crown beaten Martin’s wee brother Simone into second place.

So why is he my favourite biathlete? Well, last year he lost his trigger finger to frostbite — no broken metatarsals or feigning injury with this lot.

They may look like old women running on a frosty pavement with two bags of groceries running to catch a bus but they are to be lauded for their bravery — and they also have guns.

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