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Good golly, Nicky is in no mood to mollycoddle

By Billy Weir

Good golly, Nicky is in no mood to mollycoddle

He won't want it but you can't help but feel sorry for Ards manager Colin Nixon who, week-in, week-out, meets the press corps to try and explain yet another defeat.

For a man so used to winning as a player with Glentoran, and was often put into the firing line by managers to face the press when the Glens weren't doing so well, it is almost bordering on cruel.

But one thing he is and was is a fighter and, with him in their corner, Ards fans can take some solace that he will give everything to keep the side in the Premiership.

But he needs his players to step up and he has made a point of telling them to stop feeling sorry for themselves and extract a digit or two.

"I was very hard on them after the game. That's just the way I am, the way I played, and I am really disappointed," he said after Saturday's loss to Ballymena United.

"I told them there's no time to mollycoddle now, they're grown men, they're semi-professional footballers and in this day and age you almost feel you can't say boo to a goose.

"I think it's the most ridiculous era we have ever lived in our lives and it's certainly not like that in my changing room."

Oisin is making quite a splash with the Swifts

We've had Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen (and the less said about Eight, the better) but now Dungannon Swifts may have an Oisin blockbuster of their own on their hands.

Following his first goal in senior football a couple of weeks ago, Oisin No. 28, or Smyth if you prefer, was the hero for the Swifts as they defeated Coleraine on Saturday to keep up their great recent form.

The midfielder created one and scored a classy second as he came back to haunt former boss Rodney McAree at Ballycastle Road.

He has already earned many plaudits but how refreshing it was to hear the 18-year-old praise McAree for setting him on the way to the big time.

"I'll always be grateful to Rodney. I've worked hard for the chance and he encouraged me, but he'll understand that my focus is on winning games for Dungannon Swifts," he said.

He will indeed and refreshing, too, to hear McAree's honest assessment of the game.

"I thought we were beaten by the better side on the day," he admitted.

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