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It's Evans and hell as Scotland win but Davis Cup results in Brexit

By Billy Weir

And from one quintessentially Irish event to one quintessentially British. And Scottish. And Argentinian too.

The Davis Cup in Glasgow was precariously poised, fighting Caledonian Clan Murray having brought Scotland back into it on Saturday meaning GB trailed 2-1 to Argentina with Oor Andy primed for battle first.

"Throughout its history, sport is sprinkled with unlikely comebacks, just ask Sir Ian Botham, Sir Alex Ferguson, Rafa Benitez and Europe's golfers," began Sue Barker on BBC1, for the time being.

"If Great Britain's grip on the trophy is to remain firm then they need another one here, the unthinkable couldn't happen again, could it?"

No is the simple answer and mainly because there is only one Andy Murray, and as we joined Sue, in a darkened room - the best place to listen to her, I find - she was struggling to make herself heard above the haunting melodies of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

John Lloyd then suggested that "Andy's not the sort of player that can blow other players off," which was just as well with all those bagpipes around, and just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any more Scottish, wee Jimmy Krankie turned up in the crowd.

On closer inspection it was Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, surrounded by cheering folk waving Union Flags, scenes rarely witnessed since a flotilla arrived home from a foreign land many moons ago, but thankfully Andrew Castle wasn't around to open up any old hostilities.

Having John Inverdale in his place was risky enough, but he was distracted by Andy having to limp off for treatment and filled the time by talking to co-commentator Jamie Baker about his impending nuptials.

"This is your stag do in effect, well, I suppose all you can say is keep going, keep fighting and you never know when an opportunity might arise," he said. I think he meant the tennis and not the future Mrs Baker, but with old Inversoft you're never sure.

Despite playing on one leg, Andy won, meaning we were all square and at one set apiece between Dan Evans and Leonardo Meyer, came a reassuring word from Sue.

"We are going nowhere here on BBC1, if you're tuning in expecting to see Songs of Praise, that will now be on BBC2," she said but half an hour later as Argentina surged into the lead, Evans got no answer from the heavens.

"If you've invested 14 or 15 hours or so of your life over the last three days, you won't want to miss the denouement, so we're heading across to BBC2 in a couple of moments, so you will need to hit your remote," Inverdale told us.

The next thing I saw was Lord Sugar saying 'you're fired' and then an 'end of programme' sign on my Sky+, as I did indeed hit my remote, but I didn't miss much as Evans did not achieve the unthinkable.

So, in summary, Scotland beat Argentina, and England drew 1-1 with Argentina, so at least for Nicola another Brexit was fandabidozee, but for the BBC, yet again, it was an exit we could have done without.

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