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Jeff Stelling has it out with Faulty equipment

By Billy Weir

A new season means the return of Soccer Saturday but Jeff Stelling and the boys will be hard pushed to match the sublime madness of day one.

It was all going swimmingly until midway through the second-half and the videprinter stopped working. Perhaps it had caught sight of Iain Dowie's beard and was simply lost for words.

No such problems for big Iain who told us that in an effort to rescue something against Wigan, Barnsley had introduced Dale Jennings, as Jeff explained that he would 'have to work a bit of magic.'

Meanwhile, work was continuing to get the videprinter going again, Jeff (pictured) revealing that turning it off and on again hadn't worked before he was interrupted by the bearded one.

It turned out Jennings was magic as we returned to Dowie who explained that with one wild challenge meant he disappeared straight away, red carded and Barnsley's on and off again solution was working as well as in the studio.

"Those who are suggesting I should take a hammer to the videprinter, I promise you if it's not working before the end of the programme, I will do just that," he said.

A quick break worked wonders, the videprinter appeared again, but Jeff was not to be turned, doing his best Basil Faulty impression, promising to give it a damned good thrashing, before sitting back, looking smug and perusing some scores on the screen.

It's good to have both of you back.

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