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Keane and Vieira: Never mind the Daleks, they're all chums now

By Billy Weir

I have it on good authority that I hid behind the settee when the Daleks first appeared on my TV screen but that was nothing compared to when Roy Keane let out a cackle that made by blood curdle on Tuesday night.

Keane and Vieira – The Best of Enemies, was a fine, if scary, stroll down memory lane as Cobh's finest locked horns again with a Paddy of a very different kind in the shape of the former Arsenal skipper.

Unless you'd fallen down the back of a settee, you would know that these two have a bit of history and didn't like each other very much, so the lord of ITV4 sent Gabriel down to try and restore peace to earth.

And Mr Clarke did a good job, his pointy stick just pointy enough to prod Roy sufficiently so that he'd growl just enough to keep you on your toes, asking him to describe Patrick Vieira the opponent.

"He was very, very, very, very, very tough," came the reply, and naturally, the follow-up question of 'what was his biggest strength' brought a reply of 'he was tough' but not to the power of five, and then came that cackle that had me cacking myself.

"Who's the best manager you played for?" quizzed Gabriel, diving behind one of DFS' finest and then an eerie silence as the cogs whirred in Keano's head.

"Without a doubt ... " with dramatic and highly effective pause, "Brian Clough."

"Not Sir Alex Ferguson?" whimpered Gabriel.

"You asked me the question and I answered you," growled Roy, as Gabriel made a quick visit to the wardrobe department.

Still, if you think this was good, wait to for Best of Enemies II, when Roy and Sir Alex come face to face. Gabriel, I'd let the Daleks do that one.

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