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Mark my words, cheeky boy Chapman does it twice on a Sunday

By Billy Weir

Sunday used to be a day of rest, albeit with a big roast dinner, lashings of Bullseye and Highway, a generous dollop of To The Manor Born and That's Life, and maybe a monthly bath thrown in for good measure.

No such respite for Mark Chapman, the busiest chap or man at the BBC, who was on double time on Sunday with a lunchtime stint on MOTD2 Extra and then a post-bathtime return on MOTD2.

"The clocks have gone back, the winter nights are drawing in, it's getting colder, you're sat there thinking, 'I want someone who's going to give me a warm glow and cheer me up on a Sunday lunchtime' - ladies and gentleman, Chris Sutton is here," he began.

Sunderland's first win of the season, thanks to man mountain Victor Anichebe's barnstorming display, was discussed, with pictures of the striker showing off his rather impressive frame at the end.

"Did you see his physique at the end of the game? That was like a young me," snorted Sutton.

"That's exactly what I thought, Chris, you were the first person that popped into my mind," chortled Chappers. In fairness, he is like Victor. Meldrew.

He edged nearer to one foot in the grave by then having a pop at Graeme Souness, who had suggested tomorrow's clash between England and Scotland featured the worst two teams ever in the fixture.

"Did he? I'm not as old as Graeme so I can't think back that far," he said before turning his sights on Jose Mourinho. "He's grumpy, he's whingy, he moans about his hotel, he moans about everything."

"You are right, it is a nightmare when people come into work and are a misery," teased Chapman before heading off to his hotel for a bit of a kip before returning for MOTD2 later on, where he was joined by Alan Shearer and Danny Murphy.

United fan Chapman started things off with a look at Liverpool, conceding they "were very, very impressive" and Murphy didn't miss him.

"They were sensational, I know it frustrates you," he replied.

"Every time you are on you have that dig, I haven't even mentioned your shirt," countered Chappers, referring to Murphy's double denim ensemble.

"It was exciting and creative," said Murphy - I think he meant Liverpool and not his wardrobe - with Shearer, a man who knows all about exciting teams winning nothing, urging the Scouser to calm down.

"We're nit-picking, for the last few weeks Liverpool's performances have been magnificent," he concluded, reaching for a shellsuit, but Chappers had the last word telling his shiny-headed cohorts that "neither of you should suffer from nits".

There were no nits, nor was there the usual programme-ending '2 good, 2 bad' piece, Chapman explaining 'it was quite frankly just too bland so we've dropped it, sorry, rested it, it'll be back next week after rotation'.

Chapman won't as it is international week. Just as well as he must be knackered, but mark my words, he won't be off our screens for long.

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