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Mr Walker has got his Focus all wrong

Maybe it's just me but did anyone else detect a slight irony in Saturday's Football Focus that everyone was so adamant that England's demolition of San Mario was meaningless?

Surely if it was so meaningless then it didn't warrant the coverage it was getting especially as they had to show still images of the game because it was shown on ITV.

Apparently not, we had Martin Keown, who appears to be taking evolution in reverse by regressing towards neanderthal man, and having Mark Lawrenson beside him can only speed him along that path.

"Dan Marino, the old Miami quarterback, would have done better against England," chortled Lawro and you were left wondering had the previous five minutes just been a build up to that joke.

There was talk, too, of the merits of minnows playing the giants of the game and bringing in pre-qualification.

The IFA must be quaking in their boots, imagine trying to fill 18,000 seats for the visit of Armenia.

Then again it might be snowing so we wouldn't have to worry.

And if it wasn't bad enough that the game with Russia was off they then made the Northern Ireland players go to Ballymena on Saturday.

The mind only boggles as to what they had gotten up to the previous evening in the hotel to deserve that.

Back on Football Focus we had some England goals, albeit from many moons ago, to show with an interview with the retiring, but not shy, Michael Owen, saying as he'd been Liverpool's best player he'd been forced to play. By that reckoning, Stuart Downing will play until he's 92.

Dan Walker pounced like a leopard in a natty jumper, asking 'do you think had you been at Old Trafford rather than Anfield as a young footballer, you wouldn't be announcing your retirement now?' and before he could answer, added 'it's an interesting question though, isn't it?'

Self praise is no praise, Dan.

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