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No justice as JP crosses the line this time

By Billy Weir

I have a shameful and sordid secret to share with you – I couldn't agree more with Robbie Savage.

There, I've said it. I know you will now think ill of me and quite rightfully so, but in my defence this is a first offence and the odds on it happening again are about as good as Spain playing Portugal in the final.

The reason for this momentary lapse of reason? Three words – Jonathan (insert missing expletive) Pearce.

The Beeb's 'larger than life commentator', which, loosely translated means 'a gaunch with a microphone' was at his best – or worst – as France treated Honduras quite badly on Sunday afternoon.

Things were going along quite smoothly until Karim Benzema's shot hit the post, bounced along the line and was fumbled like a man with frogspawn on his hands trying to put an eel in a sock. What do you mean you haven't tried it?

As Benzema wheeled away in celebration, suddenly all eyes turned to the boffins and their new gizmo and as the ball came back off the post it said 'no goal' and instead of waiting the second it took for the replay to continue and rightly say 'goal' Pearce was off and letting his mouth run away with him.

"We've seen so many spurious goal-line technology replays. And it signals no goal! No goal has gone up on the screen. The fans have heard it, the Honduran players have seen it," he bellowed.

Stop, please stop.

"Oh goodness me. They've changed their minds now. Does goal-line technology work or doesn't it?"

Yes. Yes it does, JP.

"The whole goal-line technology debate will flare up again because it was not good enough, was it?" he added.

No, it's working fine, I'm not so sure about the sweetie mice at the controls of something that wouldn't have lasted a second on Robot Wars.

Even Martin Keown was embarrassed for him and worse was to come at the break when Savage, a man never known to talk any sense whatsoever, talked sense.

"It works perfectly well, so there's no confusion," he said.

Thankfully JP was to be distracted later by two French fans dressed as Asterix characters. At least he didn't demand Gaul-line technology...

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