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Robbie has a Little trouble but Norman makes big impression

By Billy Weir

If I have learnt anything from years of watching David Attenborough programmes it is that despite all the advances made in the world there are still savages across the globe, barely able to communicate in a coherent fashion.

It is nice therefore that BT Sport has provided a home for one of these people, a strangely dressed creature with unusual hair and recognisable by his distinctive snorts and wails, and going by the name of Robbie.

Yes, no one's favourite pundit was on the panel for Premier League Tonight, the hour-long stitch-on show to BT Sport's live game on Saturday evening, where presenter Jake Humphrey was distracted by a giant chopper.

No, Robbie's pals hadn't hacked their way through the dense Leicester undergrowth to find their leader, this was the Foxes' owner's helicopter setting off for somewhere, let's be honest, nowhere near Leicester.

"That's the dream, buy a Premier League club and fly out in your helicopter," sighed Humphrey, to looks of disdain from guests Steve McManaman, Richard Dunne and Robbie, who may be a Savage, but a nice one, when asked what his dream was.

"Being healthy and having a beautiful family," came the reply, and we warmed to him before BT Sport pushed him too far, making him read out the three-word match reports sent in by fans.

In fairness, he had trouble with one word in particular, but this one has a bit of previous, and while Ivan Little's 'phenomenon' has kept him going in repeat fees for many a year, Savage's tongue-twisting failure to say 'phenomenal' had his 'pals' rolling about with laughter.

You wouldn't have blamed him for grabbing onto the chairman's chopper and heading back to the wild side.

While there had been a Little trouble for Savage, over on Sky, Norman Whiteside was doing big things on the Fantasy Football Club.

The 1-11 is always the highlight of the show, although there were some great stories of his time with Big Ron Atkinson and Big Norman's selection was no exception, but there was a bit of a theme.

Big Pat Jennings was in goals, big Paul McGrath in defence alongside not quite as big Martin Buchan, with little Gordon Strachan on the right and medium-sized Ray Wilkins in midfield and big Frank Stapleton up front.

Some big calls to make in his team but, as Robbie Savage wouldn't say, it would have been a phenomenal side.

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