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SAS shoot but they fail to hit the target and Score on BT Sport

By Billy Weir

Despite already having Final Score and Soccer Saturday, the world was seemingly in desperate need for another clutch of retired footballers to ooh, aah and bicker their way through football matches you can't see.

BT Sport Score was the result of this desire, but in an effort to do things a little differently, they have a lovely studio filled with graphics, two presenters in Mark Pougatch and Jules Breach, and two more in the comedy corner with Mark Webster and Kevin Day.

Add to these four, you have no fewer than SIX pundits, meaning a total of 10, or several more than the numbers probably tuning in to watch the show.

Surely it would make much more sense for all ex-footballers and managers to move into the same retirement home together rather than at the expense of three separate studios to hear things like 'in my day it was a man's game' or 'foreigners coming over here being foreign' or anything Robbie Savage says.

He was one of the six, joined by Paul Ince, David James, Jermaine Jenas, Harry Redknapp and Chris Sutton, the latter fast threatening to eclipse Savage as the darling of the media for blurting out the most controversial things he can think of.

He joined Pougatch and Jenas by the big map to preview Man City's trip to Swansea.

"That's what I like about Pep Guardiola, he's like a matador. He's skilled, but he's ruthless when he needs to be," he said, but there was to be plenty more bull before the afternoon ended.

Savage wasn't to be outdone, his game was Stoke against West Brom, and he was less than impressed with the home side's striker Wilfried Bony.

"He looks like he's towing a caravan, what's he been doing, he can't move," he screamed as Bony failed to set Stoke ablaze, before another guest brought the number to 11.

Back on armchair one, the Guv'nor Ince rudely interrupted Jules in mid-flow, but was gallant enough to apologise.

"Sorry about that Jules, sweetheart, but I had no choice darling," he said, but the man who is now more mince than Ince was quickly distracted from post-feminist chat as Jenas, covering Liverpool's hammering of Hull, said it "was an all you can eat buffet now".

"I've got food on my mind now, I can't think," said a panicked Ince, and it was worsened soon after by Sutton back at Swansea, where Raheem Sterling had sent a defender "for a pie and chips".

However, he did mention a challenge in the West Brom game as "he's going Hong Kong Phooey on him", and, after their late equaliser, many wondered would it be Mark Hughes' last game. Could be…

"People are saying Mark Hughes should be sacked, and people do talk absolute nonsense," concluded Savage.

Indeed they do, Robbie, mainly on a Saturday afternoon between half two and a quarter to five.

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