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Serving up a big surprise guest for Der Klassiker

By Billy Weir

Back in the day, BT used to like to remind us that it was 'good to talk' but that was in Bob Hoskins' time and many a long, good Friday has passed since then, so I suppose it was no surprise that they should render me speechless on Saturday evening.

It was 'Der Klassiker' or Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich for those whose knowledge of German football remains in a time when Kevin Keegan and Tony Woodcock stalked Deutschland with their bouncing perms.

Two perfect contenders you'd think to be perched along presenter Paul Dempsey then, but that was exactly what they wanted you to think, so naturally Boris Becker was there. I know, I know ...

Bizarre in the extreme, especially as he is now beginning to look more like Brigitte Neilson by the hour, and you wondered where all this would end, and I flicked over later just to make sure Virginia Wade wasn't doing Match of the Day. Kevin Kilbane was there instead, I think I'd rather have Virginia.

Anyway back to Boom Boom in the room at half-time and old habits die hard as Boris said it would be frustrating for Dortmund's coach Jurgen Klopp as he would 'want to go and drink his tea with a one-love lead.'

It was catching, Bayern indeed taking a one-love lead after the break and when a second goal arrived, commentator Ian Darke announced that it was 'game, set and match.'

And it was, apart from the third goal, but as Boris pointed out at the end 'if you are a big team, you've got to make the big points' as over on Sky the La Liga was just getting underway, with Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and Rafael Nadal.

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