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Sky Sports' Jim White feels all yellow

By Billy Weir

The supreme madness that is Deadline Day on Sky Sports News visited us all on Monday evening on Sky Sports News with Jim White, resplendent in obligatory yellow tie, bursting onto the screen like Tweety Pie erupting from a jar of lemon curd, for five hours of stuff and nonsense.

He was joined, as always, by Natalie Sawyer, who had dug the yellow frock out of the wardrobe, while in the studio reporters Andy Burton and Bryan Swanson had clearly read the memo that yellow ties were compulsory.

Tony Cottee clearly hadn't, but he was more green than yellow, as Jim began as he meant to go on.

"Who was it that sang 'I Don't Like Mondays'? We love Mondays, my goodness me it's terrific, here we go into the last four hours of the summer transfer deadline," he hinted.

Tony lasted only 60 minutes, replaced by duelling Dubliners Niall Quinn and Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony, and a cast of thousands around the country as reporters fought to bring us the latest Sky-sourced news that somebody might sign for West Brom any minute now.

"On a night like this when we go around the grounds, if you hear anything that's a bit untoward or you maybe don't like very much, bear with us because it's rough and ready," Jim reassured us and mayhem did indeed ensue.

A man holding a potato at Spurs, rude hand gestures from a cheeky scamp in Sunderland, a bizarre interview with Mo Farah on the phone and a lady with many teeth, Gail Davis, revealing that the pizzas had arrived at QPR.

'Arry Redknapp had put a bid in for the Italian boy, Domino, very good in the box by all accounts, but at 11.00pm Big Ben donged to tell us that time was up, only it wasn't, and the signings kept on going until the wee small hours and Jim and Natalie were climbing the yellow brick road to bye-byes and setting the clock for the January window.

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