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There'll only ever be one Eubank - apart from his wee lad

On the Box: Billy Weir

ITV have been making great strides to get back into sport after realising that people like watching it, but £16.95 to watch Chris Eubank Jnr fight an old German lad? Hmm, I'm not sure, but a series of their pre-fight special 'The Eubanks' I would gladly pay for.

Gabriel Clarke followed Junior and his dad, the latter dressed mostly in bow ties with that Louis Vuitton bag shoved under his oxter, and thankfully still as mad as a bag of badgers, in the countdown to Saturday night's fight.

Forget the Osbornes or the Munsters, this could be a huge hit (pun intended) as Eubank was asked about his son, or Junior as we shall now call him.

"He's a game changer, he's a trailblazer," said the retired but rarely shy Eubank Senior, while his young lad was asked for one word to describe his dad. I think we all have our own word for him but he plumped for "eccentric" and I'm not for arguing.

"This is like poker and you have to play your cards close to your chest and have a poker face," explained Senior, who has clearly been away from the ring for some time. Either that or don't ever play cards with him as it could turn ugly.

Of course those of us who remember Senior from his pomp and glory, and there was no shortage of either, remember his protestations that he was not a fighter, he was a boxer.

He also memorably called the sport a mug's game and ruffled many feathers, featherweights and quite a few middleweights too.

He has changed, but not much, as he pontificated that "never should anyone use the word thuggery, but going into the ring, it is nothing but pure thuggery".

"Where does that come from?" asked Clarke cheekily.

"I have no idea, I think it's from his mother's side," came the reply and, as much as you want to despise him, you just can't help liking the mad eejit.

And as for the fight?

"If Junior isn't what we think of him, he will be steamrolled. If he is what we think he is, then he will eviscerate him," was dad's verdict.

Unfortunately, by the time I had looked up what 'eviscerate' meant, the fight was over, another win, the title defended and now Junior will go on to fight in a new made-up World Series of Boxing.

Boxing is indeed changing, maybe not for the better, but no harm to you, Junior, there's still only one Chris Eubank.

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