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They think it's all over... so tread carefully

Billy on the BoxBy Billy Weir

I hadn't intended to write anything about Donegal v Down this week and merely tuned in on Sunday to watch the game for enjoyment.

But, in the words of Jim Diamond, I should have known better (one for the kids there), as with BBCNI and Mark Sidebottom around you should really expect the unexpected.

And it duly arrived five minutes before the break when, mercifully, there was a brief interlude of silence and we all thought that our wish for Mark to take a breath had come true, but no.

"So then (slight pause), sorry folks I just had a slight problem in the commentary box there," he began and we were happy with that, technical issues can arise and I was just glad he was speaking again as I feared I'd gone deaf.

"For those of you who are interested, my little boy had to go to the toilet, apologies for that," and the mind boggled as to what had just happened in the commentary box and Oisin McConville wondered why his feet were wetter, albeit a little warmer.

It had been a strange day up to that point already, Down deciding to fight fire with fire in Cavan and combine flair and brutality to counter Donegal, hence the inclusion of Kalum King. Blazing Saddles fans will remember when Mongo was sent in to Rock Ridge and get the general idea.

"I saw Kalum King earlier and he was like a carnivore that has been given a free ticket for an all you can eat barbecue," added Sidebottom, while moments later Down's munchkin Conor Laverty was being treated like a wee lad who'd just let himself go in a commentary box.

"Most of the Donegal men have probably eaten twice his bodyweight in breakfast this morning," we were told but among the beastliness there was beauty to be found as a lovely score followed.

"It's been a long, long time coming, like a teenager's first kiss, just as sweet but long overdue," waxed a lyrical Mark, and Oisin agreed but was more concerned as to the where he could get a mop and a bucket.

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