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Thunder are frozen out as Storm have a grand day out

By Billy Weir

I have a few guilty pleasures, Lorraine Kelly, the music of Tom Jones, sniffing cheese, my current Euro 2016 sticker album obsession, the list goes on, but I now have to add netball onto it.

Saturday's Superleague Grand Final was a cracker, going down to the last few seconds as Surrey Storm defeated Manchester Thunder 55-53 with Cecilia Daly presenting the cup at the end.

I made that last bit up, but then again I'm just bitter that Team Bath didn't get to the final thus denying me that joke once again, but they were clearly beaten by one of the meteorologically-named teams earlier.

On the sidelines the coach of the Loughborough Lightning (see, I told you) was there, but no representative from the Basingstoke Baltics or the Plymouth Parfulwarms were to be seen anywhere.

With storms and thunder predicted it was no surprise it was a tad loud in the arena, with Yorkshire Jets' (they didn't get the email about the name) captain Stacey Francis explaining why this might be.

"I was told they could get free passage down from Manchester if fans brought tambourines, whistles, anything that made a noise," she revealed, as stewards struggled to help some fans in with a double bass and a tuba just out of shot.

It didn't work, Storm stormed into the lead, Thunder's Aussie coach Dan Ryan, formerly of, and I swear I am not making this up, the Adelaide Thunderbirds, urging his side like a man possessed.

Commentator Caroline Barker revealed he was 'saying 'let it go, let it go', he went all Disney on us for a moment' and he almost got the fairytale ending as they came from miles behind to lose by just two goals.

And at the end he sat, motionless, staring into space, some would say frozen to the spot, but that's what happens when you mess with the weather.

The Goo, the bad and the ugly

THE GOOD(MAN): The never under-stated Don Goodman, big on hair, big on hyperbole, as Middlesbrough took the lead on the final day shoot-out between Middlesbrough and Brighton on Sky: “This could be a massive, enormous, gigantic moment in this game.” Quite big then?

THE BAD: So Robbie Savage has been axed and not before time I hear you cry, but news at the end of the Saturday’s Fletch and Sav that this was indeed the end for the BT Sport show was a bit of a shock. It’s probably the best thing BT Sport and Savage do, but then again that’s like having a favourite veruca.

THE UGLY: A dramatic last night at the Upton Park, hordes of West Ham fans on the street wondering why it was suddenly being referred to as the Boleyn Ground, the Man Utd coach being pelted with bottles, Graeme Souness referring to ‘village idiots’ while standing beside a worried Jamie Redknapp, but that all pales into nothing compared to Teddy Sheringham’s flat cap. Oh Teddy, Teddy…

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