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Tom Daley's hopes take really big dive on Sky

By Billy Weir

It wasn't a great few days for sporting success by and large. Munster lost in the Heineken Cup semi-final, Derry were stuffed in the National League Final and Mark Allen waved bye-bye in the World Snooker Championships.

Thankfully though Tom Daley was at his best as diving made an unexpected splash with a leg of the World Series on Sky, with an equally surprise appearance by one of the lovely ladies usually confined to a desk on the Sky Sports News studio, with Rachel Wyse on show. At least it wasn't Gabby Logan.

It was the second such escape of the week, Clare Tomlinson making it as far as Worcester for the final of the Netball Superleague but they'd have been far better off with Angie Phillips or Cecilia Daly with Storm and Thunder forecast all around.

These were the respective teams of Surrey and Manchester and a gripping climax was played out with Thunder, coached by Tracey Neville, sister of the footballing brothers, ensuring some Mancunian success with a thrilling win thanks to the last, err, chuck, of the match.

It was just as exciting in London, well, if you were Chinese, as our Tom took fifth place. Out of six.

Most of the rest of the Splash! team were there, only Jo Brand and Vernon Kay joining Gabby on the not wanted list, but judge Leon Taylor was in the commentary box to give 'expert' views such as 'feedback is the breakfast of champions'. Come back Jo, all is forgiven.

I was slightly confused as Rachel, who had an alarming habit of looking like a startled fawn every time her co-host Nick Robinson-Baker spoke, said that 'the question on everyone's lips is can any of the three members of the British Gas team take home medals tonight?'


No surprise though when you have to dive in a boiler suit and Toetector boots while some wee Chinese lad goes into the water like a dart in Speedos.

For the record that wee lad, Jian Yang, broke the world record with diving in London the likes of which we haven't seen since Didier Drogba left town, but Rachel made sure she got the main man, Tom, for an interview to see what he was up to next.

"I've got the final two legs of the World Series so I'll be working on that, but most importantly I'm going to be going home and having a pizza and an Easter egg," he said.

Well, it was hardly going to be a Chinese, was it?

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