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Where there's a Will, there's a way for Lions

By Billy Weir

Not since the closure of the Causeway Safari Park has there been such a haven for retired Lions as is provided by Sky.

You can't move for them in Australia and while some of them have lost a little of their bite and don't move just as spritely as before, they can still roar with the best of them when provoked.

The man with the pointy stick is presenter Alex Payne who stoked things up to the max at the start of Saturday's Second Test against the Wallabies from Melbourne.

"How are the nerves back home? It's seconds out, round two. Australia are fighting for their survival in this series, the Lions looking to finish the job. In the red corner are Paul Wallace, Sir Ian McGeechan and Will Greenwood," he hinted.

Also joining them on the sidelines was Scott Quinnell and the sole Wallaby brave enough to venture close to the Lions, Brendan Cannon, but it was Will who was determined to show that there was a way to glory.

"As a player you have to be very careful of going to the emotional well too many times," he began, but as an ex-player you can clearly fill your bucket as often as you like.

"Today is a game for both sides, you remember why you play the game, you remember your mum, your dad, your girlfriend, your brother, you're putting absolutely everything on the line – this is about going deep to pick out that win," as Will headed for the well.

Moments later Alex looked to calm things down, admitting that sometimes 'we are guilty sometimes, of slipping into hyperbole."

No way Alex, I'm not having that. Will, over to you.

"It's not just a game, this is rugby history about to happen," added Will, guilty of slipping into hyperbole and I don't think I've been this excited on a Saturday morning since Champion the Wonder Horse was on.

"Stock the fridge and get the beta blockers in as well," said Alex, adopting the Bill Werbenuik coaching manual, with a if you can't beta them, join them, mentality.

It was all to no avail, the Aussies snatching a late win to set up a series decider in Sydney this Saturday. Will, get your bucket ready.

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