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Biting Back

Aimee Fuller has truly arrived. Not as a rare second day in a row subject of this column, but as the object of some BBC viewers' ire... 300 to be exact. The offended bus should be reported for overloading.

And what did our Winter Oympics snowboarding heroine do wrong?

Too one-sided in her TV support of GB team-mate Jenny Jones on her way to Britain's first medal of the Games, and, indeed, in a snow-borne sport, as Jones took snowboarding bronze on Sunday morning.

Breakfast tables across the land high-fived with Aimee and Beeb commentators Ed Leigh and Tim Warwood as they screamed with excitement at Jones racing to the top of the leaderboard following her final run, with 10 more rivals still to compete.

And, horror of horrors, we celebrated over the cornflakes, as they did in the commentary box, without malice aforethought, as the final competitor, Austria's Anna Gasser, made a mistake to hand Jones the medal.

Because snowboarding is fun as well as competitive and that's what Aimee put across... and sport-watching is partisan. Even when we don't have a strategic interest, we pick our teams and players to cheer and jeer... its called entertainment.

Have you ever been in a bar when Manchester United are losing, or the England football team, or in Tyrone when the Kerry GAA team are losing? For heaven's sake, taking sides extends to the X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Neutral is boring!

Keep your colours nailed to the mast, Aimee. The serially offended will only become relevant when they remove the hot pokers from where the sun doesn't shine and begin to melt your snow.

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