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Biting Back: Always show joy when you score a goal

By Steven Beacom

Danny Welbeck and David Luiz... I salute you. Finally a couple of footballers who did the right thing by their current clubs and current fans.

This week they scored crucial goals against their old teams, and unlike many others in the same position actually CELEBRATED.

I'm all for players acknowledging fans who once cheered them, but looking embarrassed when you hit the net against a previous club just isn't right.

Footballers may say they don't want to be disrespectful to their old club.

Well, what about being disrespectful to the fans you play for now and the club which pays your outlandish wages?

A year ago this trend hit a bizarre peak when Norwich's Wes Houlihan refused to celebrate after netting against Aston Villa, because there was a chance he might be moving to the midlands club! (Note: the transfer never happened).

I'm not advocating doing an Emmanuel Adebayor and racing 100 yards to celebrate in front of your old fans and rub their noses in it, as he did after scoring for Man City against Arsenal, but it's okay to get carried away with the moment, like Welbeck for Arsenal versus Man United in the FA Cup and Luiz against Chelsea for PSG in the Champions League this week.

Don't worry boys, be happy when you score regardless of the opposition. Proper football fans will get it.

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