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Biting Back: American football has nothing on GAA

Gary Lineker

Who's up for a bit of Sunday night Gridiron? One of the highlights of anyone's week in the winter is getting the tracksuit out, a few bottles of something cold, and an oversized bag of potato chips for the American Football coverage.

It is one of the pleasures of winter in this corner of the globe, albeit through the miracle of satellite.

So, we were pretty darn impressed it has to be said when New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Junior latched onto a loopy pass and caught one-handed against the Dallas Cowboys, despite being under pressure from a tackler, before comically backpedalling into the endzone for a touchdown.

HOT DAMN! said most of Texas. They were consoled nonetheless by winning the match. Well, it is the Giants, after all.

Soon afterwards, the Internet melted with Twitter people trying to outdo each other with superlatives over Beckham's fetch. 'Catch it like Beckham', most of England said, laughing at their own joke.

Gary Lineker, a man who could clear a pub quicker than any psychotic bouncer, chipped in with 'Is there anything Beckham can't do?' along with I suspect a cheeky chappie chortle which immediately earned him a big fat 'unfollow' from this corner.

I've watched the catch a few times since. It was pretty good. Great, even. But this stampede of praise is way too much.

I think of recently-retired Tommy Walsh, the 5' 8" fearless Kilkenny hurling wing-back when I write this, who made catches such as that his trademark, several times in a single match. The difference being, of course, is that Tommy had several men hanging out of him with hurls.

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